In the middle of the northwestern Aegean is Skiathos, the westernmost island of the island complex of the Northern Sporades. The island has an area of 61 sq. Km. and a perimeter of 48 km. It is mountainous for the most part (70% of the land).
Skiathos has an irregular shape (12 km long and 6 km wide from north to south. 70 bays, beaches and many peninsulas are formed. To the southeast of the island is the town of Skiathos, on the west coast of the homonymous bay.

The landscape is calm in the southern part of the island, in contrast to the north and east which is wild.
The climate of the island is excellent, with mild winters and plenty of rainfall. The sunshine in the summer months is great and the weather is warm from April to October, but the winds blowing from the northern Aegean (meltemia) lower the high temperatures.

Skiathos, the most cosmopolitan and famous of the Northern Sporades, is an island endowed as little by nature.
The dense vegetation that covers almost the whole island with pine forests imposing, plane trees and countless olive groves, vineyards and other crops, gives it a unique color, as the dense green rests on the crystal clear beaches of the island, countless and so different from each other.


Troulos is the beach that is 800 meters away from ALYPIAKO.
It presents a unique landscape to the visitor, combining the green,
the amazing sandy beach, with the colors of the sea and the sky.

Another beach that stands out and is located on the same street as ALYPIAKO, is Aselinos. Magnificent and unexpectedly large, it is only 2 km away from the complex.

Wonderful golden beaches, with rare elements, can be found on the beaches, Koukounaries, Platanias, Lalaria, Plakes, Banana, etc.

Here, the power of the sea and time create works of unique beauty,
carving, especially on the pristine northern shores of the island, caves,
imposing rocks and cute h

Skiathos; the diamond of the Northern Sporades.

Near Skiathos there are a number of larger and smaller islands: Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros, complete the northern Sporades to which one can go with regular Ferry boat routes.

Around the small islands of Peristera, Kyra-Panagia, Poura, Skantzoura, Piperi, Psathoura, Tsougria and Tsougriaki, Aspronisi, Marangos, Arkos, Kastronisia, Tangia Poursonisia, Myrmia , daily, a number of small boats from Skiathos.

Hospitable are also the two lakes of the island, in Chora and Koukounaries,
which are very important wetlands of the Greek ecosystem with countless species of endemic and migratory birds that travel every year from north to south and vice versa.


The island of Papadiamantis.
Skiathos has been identified with the name of Alexandros Papadiamantis, the leading Greek writer, whose life and work are a spiritual and cultural heritage of our country.
His enormous work consists of about 180 short stories, poems, historical texts as well as translations by foreign writers. The most important and well-known of all is the novel “Killer”.
The visitor can visit the house where the Greek writer grew up in the city of Skiathos.