“ALYPIAKO” is a complex of 5 traditional houses, built with respect to the traditional architecture of the island and fully harmonized with the environment.
It is located in a privileged part of the island at a distance of 15min. from the city of Skiathos.
It is characterized by the peaceful atmosphere 24 hours a day and is surrounded by a forest of pines and plane trees.
The complex is located on the road of exceptional natural beauty, which connects the northern and southern part of the island, and leads to one of the most charming beaches, Aselino.

It is 800 meters from the main road of the island, and the same distance from the beach of Troulos. At a shorter distance, there is the local market and a number of restaurants, where the visitor can get what they need and try local traditional delicacies.

The name “ALYPIAKO” comes from a (deprivation) + sadness which means what removes sadness.
In Skiathos from the 5th century BC. they symbolically gave this name to their muscat red wine.
Wanting to contribute to the preservation of elements of the island’s tradition, we gave this name to our apartments.